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LDS Message for Christmas 2020

LSD Leadership Express Holiday Wishes

Celebrations this year will be under the shadow of health concerns and economic uncertainty but the spirit of Christmas can hold true under these adverse circumstances.

Although we are called to sacrifice parties and gatherings, the message of peace, love and compassion remains at the center of this occasion.

 The joy of Christmas this year must be in celebrating health, togetherness with our families, the friendship and love of those around us, and the hope that we will soon return to safety and on the path to prosperity.

 Our thoughts are first for all those who are directly affected by the circumstances. We express our support for those who are in isolation or quarantine, to all who are separated from loved ones and to the health professionals who are working to keep the rest of us safe.

We also think of those who face other difficulties of life whether in health or personal circumstances, and those who have fallen victim to social ills. We express our solidarity with those who are facing economic difficulties because of loss of jobs or business.

It is also the occasion to convey our appreciation to all who are continuing to fulfil their responsibilities in their work, helping to ensure that our country remains whole and functioning. Christmas is the time when we can renew the spirit of understanding, forgiveness and compassion that will bring us together in our families, communities and in our nation.

We pray for one another and extend our friendship to people of all faiths. LDS renews its commitment to working for and together with all for the happiness of the people of Seychelles. We wish peace and joy to all in our country.

Roger Mancienne


Freelance Journalist for The Seychelles Times email : s.payet@theseychellestimes.com

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