The Seychelles Times works exclusively with independent and freelance writers. We do this to not limit the creative and investigative abilities of our contributors. We understand that a traditional working environment where a top-down structure of leadership exists is detrimental to bringing out the best and optimal ability of a person.

This being considered we do have a few Freelancer’s whom offer us a constant and almost daily series of articles on the everyday stories and developments within the Seychelles.


Frer Torti

Ton Fred

Ton Pol

Ti Manmzel

The articles submitted by our Freelance writers are NOT proofread, fact-checked and source validated by the Editor-In-Chief to ensure it’s accuracy BECAUSE THEY ARE PARODY, SATIRE, JOKES, HUMOR AND 100% FAKE.

The Article and its content remain the property of the rightful author.

Any matter regarding copyright and intellectual property infringement must be taken up with the author of the article.

The Seychelles Times claims no responsibility for the above-mentioned infringements.

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