About Us

The Seychelles Times is one of Seychelle’s fastest-growing independent media companies and counter-cultural outlets for SATIRE, PARODY, opinions, and entertainment.

The brainchild of Seychellois Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Mr SOUNGOULA (Not a real person because this is PARODY), The Seychelles Times was conceived during one of the most challenging moments in history for the small island nation of Seychelles.

It’s primary objective is to be a truly independent and unbias source of HUMOR, JOKES AND SATIRE. Without pushing any narratives.

The Seychelles Times is focused on being the middle-ground of the media landscape, one that can be independent from political, government and corporate influence.

With complete self-funding, the small team launched The Seychelles Times in December on 2020 to an incredible reception by the public, with almost instant and exponential growth The Seychelles Times amassed a social media following of over 11 thousand individuals within the first week alone on it’s Facebook Page and almost 10 thousand Followers on it’s Instagram page in the days and weeks that followed it’s launch.

As of today it is not uncommon for an article to receive 10 to 20 thousand readers from all over the globe and hundreds of shares across a multitude of platforms as the interface The Seychelles Times provides is a modern and intuitive one, which makes it attractive to the young an curious as well as seamless to the seasoned daily reader.

No one is without bias nor do we claim to be without bias. We’re opinionated, we’re noisy, and we’re having a good time.

This does not mean we should be underestimated. We are the new kid on the block, we’re hungry and willing to work harder and go further than our counterparts.

We know we’re the underdogs and we are proud of it.


CEO – Soungoula

COO – Frer Torti

Editor-In-Chef – Ton Fred

Editor Emeritus – Ton Pol

Director of Social Media – Ti Manmzel

DISCLAIMER: All characters and events in any post –even those based on real people– are entirely fictional. All characters are impersonated … poorly. The following post contains poor language writing and due to its content, it should not be viewed by anyone.

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