New Restrictions imposed in Seychelles.

On Saturday, the 23rd of January 2020, The Seychelles COVID-19 Platinum Committee has announced new restrictions to be implemented today at 8pm until February 15th midnight following the constantly increasing number of new COVID-19 cases being recorded in the small island nation.

The Health Commissioner Dr Jude Gedeon made the announcement following a meeting of the COVID-19 Platinum committee this afternoon.

He stated that fixed penalties will be applied to individuals who have been found to be in breach of the public health orders.

The new restrictions include a ban on visitations outside of ones own household. With a reminder on the ban of social and public gatherings being made, stating that these will be greatly enforced.

Health Commissioner Dr Jude Gedeon addressing the Media at State House

Tourism establishments who do not strictly abide and follow newly given standard operating procedures will face greater penalties and could even face closure for “a period of time” until they are in line with the new guidelines.

Funeral services that have previously been limited to 15 close family members are not being respected, thus the committee has now placed responsibility on the church or organization responsible for these services to enforce the regulations and measures already in place.

The Health Commissioner expressed that guidelines in regards to the transportation of workers, mainly in the construction sector, are not being followed. He stated that now all transportation vehicles will be given a maximum number of workers which can be transported at a time. If these guidelines are not followed the police will take the necessary actions. He added that all GOP (Gainful Occupation Permit) holders must remain at their designated working establishment and are not permitted to leave this location for any unauthorized work.

In relation to restriction of movement, applicable this evening, the general public will not be permitted to leave their homes between 8pm and 4am. This restriction on movement will be implemented by the police with assistance of the military.

If an individual is found in breach of this restriction of movement, without a valid reason, the individual/individuals will face the respective penalties.

Further more, all shops will now close at 6pm during weekdays (Monday to Friday) and on weekends (Saturday to Sunday) shops will close at 3pm.

Dr Gedeon once again asked the public to not assemble under any circumstances and to not be surprised if severe actions are taken to stop these gatherings.

Finally, he stated that a conversation is ongoing with the Ministry of Education on when it will be convenient and safe to re-open the schools. Saying that by next week they hope to have vaccinated all Ministry of Education staff to include but not limited to “Teachers, daycare operators, child minders etc.” Hoping that by mid-March they will be ready and able to receive the second dose of the vaccine.


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