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GETUS donates SCR67,000 in essential I.T. equipment and supplies to the Ministry of Health to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Thursday, the 25th of February, representatives from the General Employer Trade Union of Seychelles (GETUS) in a ceremony at the Sheikh Khalifa Diagnostic Center made a sizable donation worth SCR67,000 to the Ministry of Health.

The Deputy CEO of Seychelles Health Care Agency Mrs Kathleen Cécil received a welcomed donation on behalf of the Seychelles Ministry of Health (MOH) from GETUS’s executive committee members.

Mrs Kathleen Cécil shared the appreciation of the MOH for the donation, emphasizing that the primary donation of two laptops and two industrial smart printers will go a long way in helping the daily operations of the staff, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively in sharing and relaying everyday developments to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

She expressed further gratitude to all members of GETUS who contributed to making this donation possible.

(Computers Printers Sanitizers and Juices donated by GETUS to the Ministry of Health)

GETUS is one of Seychelles most important and influential unions. They are the voice and representatives of the small island nations employers. They provide invaluable input which has aided in shaping many of the policies and frameworks implemented by the government and its entities in regards to the employment sector.

The General Employer Trade Union of Seychelles has a legal mandate to represent its members in the private sector to the Seychelles Government and other local and international organizations as well as providing advisory and technical services on labour, employment and other related issues to its members.

(GETUS executive committee members and Deputy CEO of Health Care Agency)

Three representatives of the GETUS’s newly elected executive committee Mrs Tina Hoarau, Mrs Mavis Lafortune and Mr Salim Mathieu were present to hand over the donation for the union’s members.

GETUS also shared their deepest gratitude and appreciation to all doctors, nurses and everyone on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as words of encouragement as the vaccination campaign moves forward.


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