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100 new COVID-19 cases between April 1 to 4 in Seychelles.

The Ministry of Health has reported one further Covid-19 related death and 100 new confirmed cases between April 1 and April 4.

The estimates, which were compiled over the Easter weekend, show that there have now been 4,332 cases of Covid-19 in Seychelles, with 24 deaths.

A 44-year-old international seafarer who tested positive on March 18 and died on March 30 was the most recent victim of the novel coronavirus.

According to the ministry’s Friday, April 2 update, there are major Covid-19 clusters being tracked on Praslin, La Digue, and Silhouette.

Meanwhile, Public Health Commissioner Jude Gedeon reported at the weekly health conference on Thursday, April 1, that 90 percent of positive cases have already recovered, with a mortality rate of 0.6 percent.

He went on to say that 350-400 of the cases were minors, and that 101 cases of children under the age of 18 had been infected in the two weeks after school started.

The doctor also discussed the current restrictions in place, noting that they would be progressively eased over the coming months.

In terms of the vaccination campaign, 65 percent of the population has already received their first dose, with 40% having received both doses.

“When it comes to the targeted population we have a percentage of 92 which is expected to go up as more people will be taking their second dose of the vaccine in the coming weeks,” said Dr Gedeon.

Dr Danny Louange, the chief executive of the Health Care Agency, noted that the number of admissions to the hospital has declined.

“We have eight people currently at the Family Hospital, of whom three are in the intensive care unit,” said Dr Louange.

He added that two of those three patients have recovered while one still remains in critical condition.

According to the CEO, there were 31 people at the Berjaya hotel, three at the coast guard station, 43 at Avani, 33 at the Indian Ocean Lodge on Praslin, and four at the Holiday In Apartments as of Thursday last week.

As of April 1, the North East Point had ten active cases on site.

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